Austin City Council votes to support affordable access to "abortion care"

On Thursday the Austin City Council voted to support affordable access to "abortion care" for women.

"Rosie's Resolution" honors Rosie Jimenez who died more than 40 years ago in McAllen, Texas.

According to the resolution, in 1976 the "Hyde Amendment" was put into place denying abortion coverage for low-income women enrolled in Medicaid.

Rosie Jimenez was enrolled in Medicaid  and died in 1978 after getting an unsafe abortion because she couldn't afford to pay out of pocket.

The passing of Rosie's Resolution means the Austin City Council supports the "repeal of public and private insurance coverage bans on abortion care."

Nicole Hudgens, policy analyst for pro-life group Texas Values feels the resolution tells Austinites they should be forced to pay for abortions even when they're against the idea.

"The current law that you're calling to replace actually doesn't stop Texans from purchasing abortion insurance.  The current law ensures people like me are not forced to pay for it.  As this practice takes the life of a child," Hudgens said.

"It's a healthcare issue, it's something that is a decision between a woman and her doctor and we need to do everything that we can to continue to make sure that we do not place any obstacles in front of a very simple healthcare decision by a woman," said District 2 City Council Member Delia Garza.

The "yes" vote was unanimous on the dais with Council Member Ellen Troxclair absent.