Austin coffee truck aims to change farmers' lives

Desnudo Coffee is a truck in East Austin serving up coffee from their home country, Colombia.

Brothers Juan and Sergio are trying to make the coffee supply chain more beneficial for the farmers back home, eliminating the importer, exporter and everyone else in between from the process so that only two remain: the farmer and Desnudo.

"We grew up in Colombia, even if there’s not that much money or not that much wealth people are happy," Juan said. "With the less you have the happier you are," Sergio added. "That’s something we value so much."

The truck is named for good reason. 'Desnudo' means 'naked' in Spanish.

"When you think about the concept of nakedness, it usually represents the most beautiful form of anything -- the human body a drink commodity whatever," Juan said. "We believe coffee is such a beautiful form of producing something it brings people together when done properly it comes from beautiful places the people who make it are amazing." 

"It has to be so good that you want to drink it black," Sergio said.

The truck is located at 2505 Webberville Road next to the Veracruz All Natural taco truck and Kerlaches trailer inside the food truck park.

Desnudo will reopen after the holidays on January 5.