Austin first to test Google's self-driving car

After months of testing, Google's fully self-driving car is being pushed to its limits.

The developers say they're expanding the program since it's been going so well.  They will now be testing how new prototypes respond to traffic, construction, objects in the road and weather conditions.

Austin is the first city to get these new prototypes outside of where they were created. Google researchers say it's perfect for Austin because of its congested traffic. A study shows Austinites spend 52 hours per year stuck in traffic. 

With these new cars, theoretically, you can push a button, sit back, and relax while you go from point A to point B.

“One of the reasons we came here to Austin is because Austin is known as a community that is very innovative and that loves technology,” Google said. “And also it is known as a community that is very vocal and we really wanted to hear that feedback. We wanted to learn how people want to use self-driving vehicles, how they interact with them on the road. How pedestrians and bicyclists  react with them.”

The cars will start taking to the streets north and northeast of downtown within the next few weeks. There will be a person inside of each during testing just in case.

So, if you see one on the road… wave hello and give your feedback.