Austin man uses bat to assault victim outside of 6th Street bar

An Austin man was arrested after he attacked a man with a baseball bat outside of a bar on 6th street. 

On November 28, 2019, two groups of friends were at the Mala Vida bar located at 708 E. 6th Street. At some point during the night, the two groups had an altercation that ended in the removal of both parties from the bar. 

Once outside the two groups had another altercation that led to a physical fight. 

According to court documents, 21-year-old Humberto Marino Romo walked to his Dodge Charger parked nearby and grabbed a Louisville Slugger type bat. Romo then approached the victim and started assaulting him. 

According to witness testimony, Romo hit the victim once in the back and twice in the head/shoulder area. A witness on the scene said that Romo looked as if, "the suspect wanted to kill the victim." 

A witness told police that Romo had no need to use the bat because it was a one-on-one fight and that using it was excessive. 

Romo was charged with Aggravated Assualt, a second-degree felony.