Body camera video released in deadly southeast Austin officer-involved shooting

The Austin Police Department released body-camera video of a deadly officer-involved shooting in Southeast Austin late last month.

On May 21, police spotted a stolen vehicle and followed the driver, Alfonso Gonzalez, to a Texaco gas station near the intersection of Salt Springs and Thaxton Drive.

"Get over here," said Officer James Fabianin his body camera footage. "He's not complying. He just went back into the store."

APD said Fabian is not a "subject officer" of the incident, but his body camera shows the sequence of events that took place.

While waiting for another unit to arrive, an employee ran out of the store and told officers one more gas station worker was still trapped inside.

Police entered through the front doors a few minutes later.

"The last time I saw him he was in that back room," said Fabian to another officer with a K-9.

After opening the doors, the other officer begins shouting "Gun, gun, gun."

Fabian tells Gonzalez to put his hands up and drop the gun before deciding to move back.

"When the suspect did not comply, officers backed out of the store," said APD Interim Police Chief, Robin Henderson.

Shortly after, officers called for the APD SWAT team. APD said it tried negotiations and fired rounds of pepper balls.

Over the next few hours, surveillance and drone video showed Gonzalez shooting his gun and pouring lighter fluid around the gas station counter.

Over police radio traffic, officers said they realized he was making something much more dangerous.


"Are you clear that he's making Molotov cocktails now?" said an officer. "I'm clear, all units standby."

"Officers determined the suspect's device, especially if used in the area where the suspect had poured the lighter fluid, posed an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury to the employee still trapped inside the store," said Henderson.

That's when officer Ryan Nichols fired his gun and hit Gonzalez.

Police ran into the station to rescue the trapped employee and get Gonzalez medical aid. He died about 30 minutes later in a nearby hospital.

Nichols is on administrative leave, per APD protocol. He’s been with the department for 16 years.

Police said the other employee inside the gas station was not injured.

To see the body camera video, click here.