Austin Police Detective creates digital portrait for 'Officer Abigail'

A little Texas girl battling terminal cancer is a big fan of law enforcement. In fact, 7-year-old Abigail Arias is an honorary police officer in Freeport, Texas.

Earlier this month, an Austin Police Detective gave her a special gift.

Detective Doug Drake calls it "digital art."  He used a high-quality photo of Abigail and created an illustrated portrait with things she loves in the background.

Freeport Police Chief Raymond Garivey has formed a bond with Abigail.  He says: she has "Wilms Cancer," a terminal kidney cancer. When the Chief realized she had dreams of becoming a police officer, the department swore her in as an honorary officer this past February.

"Officer Abigail" now has her own wall at the "Freeport Police Department" to showcase her portrait.

"The thing about this picture is that I've spent several weeks...WITH her.  Up close and personal so to speak so that's been kind of hard.  But you know her reaction was very satisfying and hopefully she'll get some enjoyment out of it," Drake said.  

Detective Drake says Abigail's family also got a print of the portrait.