Austin ranks low on list of safest cities in America, study says

Out of 182 cities, where does Austin rank?

Austin sits at 125 on WalletHub's list of the safest cities in America, just above Houston at 126.

Source: WalletHub

WalletHub compared the cities across three key dimensions: Home & Community Safety, Natural Disaster Risk and Financial Safety, then evaluated those with 41 metrics on a 100-point scale.

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Some metrics include presence of terrorist attacks, number of mass shootings, sex offenders per capita, law enforcement employees per capita, traffic fatalities per capita, flood risk level, tornado risk level, wildfire risk level, unemployment rate, median credit score, poverty rate, debt-to-income ratio, job security, and retirement plan access and participation rate.

Austin scored 70.70 in total and ranked 135 in Home & Community Safety, 98 in Natural Disaster Risk and 40 in Financial Safety.

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Other Texas cities in the list were Plano (3), Laredo (17), Brownsville (23), Irving (36), Grand Prairie (39), Arlington (62), Corpus Christi (63), San Antonio (82), Fort Worth (91), Amarillo (117), El Paso (120), Houston (126), Garland (135), Lubbock (153), and Dallas (157).

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The top five safest cities in the US are Columbia, Md. (1); Yonkers, N.Y. (2); Plano, Texas; Gilbert, Ariz. (4); and South Burlington, Vt. (5). The bottom five are Baton Rouge, La. (178); Detroit (179); San Bernardino, Calif. (180); Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (181); and St. Louis (182).

A previous study looking at the safest cities in Texas ranked Austin 140 out of 193 cities. 

To see the full list and read the full methodology behind the study, visit here.