Austin road crews head east to help with flood relief

Parts of Austin experienced flash flooding Wednesday as Tropical Depression Bill continued its path north.

"It has been an extremely busy year from earlier this year dealing with a lot of different ice events to this wet weather and constant flooding," said Kelli Reyna, spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation.

When Tropical Storm Bill made landfall Tuesday, it piled more work on top of already overworked first responders. Austin TxDOT maintenance crews wanted to help relieve some of the stress.

"Our guys can help assist some of the emergency responders or Texas Task Force with getting victims, moving debris or anything that's required when you're in an event like this," Reyna said.

14 TxDOT crew members headed to Bryan- College Station Wednesday afternoon to assist first responders in whatever way possible.

"The Bryan- College Station area is along the edge of where the storms are continuing to feed in off the gulf," said Reyna.

With the ground already saturated from May storms, any additional rain is causing almost immediate flooding in parts of Texas. The Austin area has seen it's fair share this year already and TxDOT crews know Central Texas is not out of the woods yet.

"We are, however, keeping enough manpower here in the Austin area so that way if we also see some flooding or issues like that we can also take care of this area," Reyna said.