Group connected to Austin robbery spree arrested after victim shoots suspect

Austin police say they have arrested four suspects connected to a robbery spree, after a victim shot one of the suspects in self-defense. 

There are four suspects involved, one being a juvenile. Detectives say 17-year-old Jaylyn Reed was arrested for a series of armed robberies and carjackings last year. 

Reed was released from custody on May 27 with an ankle monitor. APD believes he cut the ankle monitor off two days later and went on another robbery spree.

The group Reed was most recently arrested with is linked to nine robberies across the city from June 10-14.

On Tuesday, June 14, a couple was walking to their car at The Domain in North Austin when Reed tried to rob them at gunpoint, according to police. The male victim involved pulled his gun out as Reed focused on the woman victim and then shot Reed in the leg. 

Police later found all four suspects and their getaway vehicle. Reed was taken to the hospital.