Austin same-sex couple is one of the first to wed in Texas

The celebration for many same-sex couples started Friday morning.

"We're here, gathered, to join Jeff Marshall Jansen and Michael J.E. Childress in matrimony," Travis County Judge Gisela Triana read.

Michael Childress and Jeff Jansen fell in love eight and a half years ago.

"We always say when we bought our house together in 2009 is when we knew," said Jansen.

They were both convinced they found Mr. Right.

"We own a home together, we have cars together, we've had rings for six years as well so we've known for a long time," Jansen added.

Because Texas law banned the recognition of same-sex marriages, Jeff and Michael never officially tied the knot, until Friday morning.

"We left straight from work and came here," said Childress.

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to marry in any state, Michael and Jeff jumped at the opportunity.

"It was a very emotional and exciting experience. You see people getting married very frequently throughout your life, but when it's illegal for you to get married, it's a big deal for this type of decision to be made and for us to show our love and be accepted by the government as a couple," Childress said.

Jansen and Childress were one of the very first same-sex couples to exchange vows legally in the Lone Star State.

"Everyone was nervous. I was shaking, people were crying tears of joy, but it was wonderful," said Richard Bates, retired clergy member of United Methodist Church, who was also on-hand to officiate same-sex weddings at the courthouse.

"We're making history today," Bates added.

Judge Triana officially pronounced Jeff and Michael husband and husband Friday morning.

"She said this was her first time to marry a gay couple, so we were excited to be her very first," said Jansen.

Late Friday, Travis County officials told FOX 7, 313 marriage licenses (both same-sex & heterosexual couples) were issued following the Supreme Court ruling.

On Thursday, just 17 marriage licenses were issued.