Austin-style food and merchandise at ACL

From the live music to the food, the Austin City Limits Music Festival has a lot to offer for thousands of attendees.

In a series of ACL coverage, we’ve reported on traffic problems and drunk-driving prevention. On the third day of the festival’s first weekend, Sunday, we focus on food.

One of the highlights of ACL: the Texas cooking with a side of Austin style; from mini-stuffed avocados, chicken and cheese and avocado brisket, to the craft beer. You can't go wrong.

Salt Lick BBQ is just one of the many Austin favorites at the festival. 

“We’re here, having fun, making a little money but we also do it because we love Austin and we love ACL,” Miriam Wilson, COO of Salt Lick BBQ, said.

Vendors say business owners from the capital city always show up in droves.

“I think everybody does a good job to show what Austin's all about,” Brandon Jones, bartender at Trudy’s, said.

Food vendors aren't the only ones creating a buzz. The festival is full of artwork and clothing, based right here in Austin, like Hatbox.

“We've been doing ACL since its inception, all but one year. So we've learned what the clients out here really like,” Miranda Hilderbrand, company manager of Hatbox, said. 

Hatbox has been in business since 1980. They say Austin’s entrepreneurial spirit shines year after year.

“There are a lot of pop-up shops, local businesses, especially with food and small retail. I think the community in Austin appreciates the fact that it's a local business. That's the whole Keep Austin Weird mentality,” Hilderbrand said.

With a sold out crowd for the next weekend as well, Austin food and merchandise vendors are set to make some money and represent the Live Music Capital.

Weekend one wraps up Sunday, but of course, we will bring you coverage of weekend two as well.