Teapioca Lounge at the Arboretum reopening following deadly shooting in August

The Teapioca Lounge at the Arboretum is reopening. In late August, a man came into the store and shot two people, killing one of them, before turning the gun on himself.

Employees are now trying to move on after what police said appeared to have been a random act of violence.

A representative for the Teapioca Lounge said the incident was horrifying and heartbreaking. Now, they’re trying to be strong, and they’re opening up their doors again.

"Being able to come back open and show, you know, we’re not going to quit from that is really important to us, really special," Teapioca Lounge Franchise Development Coordinator Cameron Daake said.

Tragedy struck on Aug. 31 at the Teapioca Lounge in the Arboretum.

"It was tough," Daake said.

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Police said 64-year-old Laura Jauregui and another person were shot by 38-year-old Tang-Kang Chiang before taking his own life. Jauregui died at the scene.

The employees who witnessed it all were shaken up.

"They're obviously horrified. I don't think there are any words, you could have to describe, actually seeing or hearing, being so close to what actually happened," Daake said.

Police said it appeared to have been a random act of violence. The shooter didn’t know the victims.

"To hear something like that happen at a place like this is just unfathomable like, you wouldn't think anything would happen at a place like this," Daake said.

The Teapioca Lounge closed for about a month and a half, so the employees could heal.

"We told them take as much time as you need, use all these resources but that those were, that was our top priority for sure," Daake said.

They also spent the time remodeling.

"So that our customers come in and get a brand new, fresh look and feel, you know, again, trying to move forward," Daake said.

They’re opening back up this weekend.

"We wanted to show yes, it was truly heartbreaking, and we were knocked down, but I think in these scenarios like showing how strong of a community you can have with your supporters, but also like, your personal, internal team just being strong for the people that need it, the people that are affected, is the most important thing in these scenarios," Daake said.

The Teapioca Lounge is running promotions all weekend including free drinks for first responders to thank them for their quick response that day.