Austin-Travis Country reports 17 new COVID-19 coronavirus cases, now totaling 79

The City of Austin has provided an update on Austin-Travis County's total coronavirus cases.

 As of March 22, Austin officials say Austin-Travis County has 79 confirmed coronavirus cases, an additional 17 cases from March 21. 

“Right now we have evidence of community spread. That means that our success in battling and defending this community against this virus depends on every single person in the community,” said Dr. Mark Escott, interim health authority at Austin Public Health

Since COVID-19 arrived in Austin, bars have shut down, restaurants have been restricted to carry-out and delivery only. Businesses all over town are closing for six weeks in an effort to protect the vulnerable, and flatten the curve, in other words, alleviate the stress on the healthcare system.

Austin Public Health is closely monitoring the rapidly evolving situation in coordination with the Texas Department of State Health Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local and regional public health and healthcare agencies.

Austin Public Health has developed a  five-phase plan to coordinate COVID-19 response activities. They are now on Phase 5. 

Phase 1: Persons Under Monitoring
Phase 2: Persons Under Investigation (Testing in Progress)
Phase 3: Confirmed Case(s) (No Person-to-Person spread)
Phase 4: Limited Person-to-Person Spread (Close/Household Contacts)
Phase 5: Sustained Person-to-Person Spread in the Community



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