Austin Veteran Arts Festival 2022 begins in Central Texas

Avafest 2022 has officially begun in Central Texas. 

Avafest is a series of events for and by veterans, and the purpose is to help each other through artistic expression and to get more veterans involved.

FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren spoke with Glenn Towery, the founder of Avafest, to speak on what people can expect this year.

MIKE: Take us through the event, what can people expect?

GLENN: This is our 4th year, and we are proud that Austin has embraced us. I'd ask the viewers to go to and see the schedule. This year we are online and live in Austin and outside the city. We have the Tom lEE combat exhibit on the 22nd of's all combat vets there I hope people come and give support they need some vets have PTSD, and they manage it by painting. You are emceeing that event, and they're excited you're going to be there.

MIKE: What is your hope for people attending the events?

GLENN: We want them to understand that vets can manage PTSD and reintegrate when they practice the is a form of meditation. Even the va and other military organizations are pushing the arts so by getting a non-pharmaceutical way of managing anxiety and depression we have a better chance for vets to have a normal life.

MIKE: Once again how do people find out about the events?

GLENN: Come to our website and look for the events schedule and everything we are doing this year is there. We're doing pool tournaments, golf, disc golf, theater, dance, concerts. We hope people come to the parker jazz club we're live on October 23, and we're doing exhibits not just in Austin, but they are spread out all over the place.