Austin volunteers deploying to Louisiana

The historic flooding in Louisiana is mobilizing volunteers here in Austin. The Austin Disaster Relief Network says they will send 50 people to deliver basic needs, but they're asking for your help.

It's during times like these when we are reminded that basic needs are not something to take for granted. The 2016 flood disaster is in Louisiana, but it resonates all the way to Austin

“We're beginning to collect goods that we're sending down to Louisiana to meet some of these immediate needs,” said Stephen Brewer, associate director at ADRN.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network has been collecting non-perishable food, clothing, new even work tools at the hope family thrift store.  They plan to take all of it down to the Baton Rouge area Friday morning. For them, it's deeper than just providing basic essentials.

“One of the primary ways that we respond in a time of disaster is provide the emotional care as well as the spiritual support. These are so greatly needed in a time when people's lives are turned upside down,” said Brewer.

“They need someone to sit and talk to them, to acknowledge their feelings and validate their feelings,” said Sarah Bartnick, communications director at ADRN.

The network made the call to action Tuesday. Donations have certainly been pouring in but there’s still a lot more they could use.

“Some of the donations that we really need are going to be the new undergarments, new socks, and toiletries,” said Brewer.

The director of the program initially went to the area to help his own family.

“When they saw that this was perhaps one of the most devastating floods in our country's history we realized people here in Austin have the capacity to help,” said Bartnick.

Supplies and essentials are important, but this group of volunteers are hoping they can heal and cheer up spirits in a land left unrecognizable and ravaged by mother nature.

If you want to help you can stop by the Hope Family Thrift Store tomorrow with any goods or clothing between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. with your donations. You can also donate money online at

Here are things they still need:

  • New undergarments
  • New socks
  • Toiletries