Austin Water crews work to flush out areas still affected by smelly and unusual tasting water

Austin Water is performing targeted flushing's in areas still affected by the smelly and unusual tasting water.

Austin Water tweeted out Sunday that crews are working on flushing the water lines. 

This comes after customers complained last week about an unusual odor in the water.

"It honestly smells like rotted eggs almost it feels like old time well water," said Tyler Smith. 

Routine tests concluded that a massive infestation of dead fingernail-sized zebra mussels were found in a raw water pipeline at the Ullrich Treatment Plant.

The plant mostly serves the south and central Austin area.

The city took steps to remove the unwanted guests and used powdered activated carbon, a chemical used in water treatment, to deal with the smell.

They also took it a step further. 

They say flushing the water lines will help move water through the system quicker.

The flushing will be going on throughout most of the day until the city sees improvements. 

Austin water mapped out areas which have already experienced targeted flushing. 

FOX 7 spoke to residents who say they have already tasted and smelled the difference.

"We've been fortunate our water seems normal smelled good everything's been great," said Katie Spiks. 

While others say they're still experiencing the foul smell and taste coming from their water. 

"It's a bad idea to think those mussels are going through our drinking water," said Tyler Smith. 

Many residents say they remain hopeful that the stench, will be flushed out in no time.

"They will do what they need to do and it will get right back to normal as soon as possible," said Ashley Rollins.

Austin water is urging anyone still experiencing smelly water to contact 311 and provide them with your location. 

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