Authorities say a person was detained after ramming truck into WilCo. patrol unit

A suspect was detained after ramming a truck into a Williamson County K-9 unit Sunday morning.

According to Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody the situation happened around 10:00 a.m., when deputies were called to a home for a disturbance.  The caller told authorities the man was vandalizing a car with a saw said police. 

Officials said the suspect took off as authorities were arriving, leading them on a chase through Leander and into the far west part of the county.  At one point police said the driver reached speeds up to 90 miles an hour.

According to Sheriff Chody, once deputies trapped the suspect near the Round Mountain Road and Nameless Road area, the driver crashed into the K-9 unit.  He also said police were forced to use non-lethal rounds to detain the man.

“The suspect was still trying to get away after he made contact with the K-9-unit vehicle, put it in reverse and I believe he put it in drive, as well.  Officers did have lethal force options available. for whatever reason they saw on the scene, they decided to use non-lethal to shoot at the driver's side window,”  said Chody.

Sheriff Chody said no deputies were hurt in the situation.