Autopsy: Pulse gunman hit by 8 bullets in police shoot-out

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The gunman who killed 49 patrons at a gay nightclub in Orlando was hit by at least eight bullets as he died in a shoot-out with a SWAT team.  A report on the autopsy of 29-year-old Omar Mateen released Friday shows he was hit by bullets to his head, neck, chest, abdomen and foot.

No drugs or alcohol were found in his body, but his urine had higher levels of anabolic steroids than a healthy person typically has. The report also says his testosterone range was normal.

The Orlando medical examiner's office also released reports on at least a dozen of the victims.  The medical examiner notified family members of the release of the documents on Thursday. 

"With consideration to their loved ones, yesterday the Medical Examiner's Office began contacting the immediate family of the victims to personally notify them that the autopsy reports had been completed and were being organized for release to the public," said Carrie Proudfit, a spokesperson for the county.  

More reports are expected to be released on Monday.  Proudfit added they anticipate all reports will be fully public by Wednesday. 

The first batch of reports, released on Friday, contains information on 31 of the 49 victims.   The majority were shot multiple times in various places, such as the head and upper and lower body.  Two different male victims suffered nine gunshot wounds.

"We're still hurting," said Orlando Torres, who played dead in the bathroom stall as Mateen shot others around him. "He was heartless.  It's a shame to hear that so many people got shot in so many ways and some survived."

As the autopsy reports are released, we are also learning how money from OneOrlando Fund will help the victims' families and the survivors.

"It's some type of compensation to relieve us financially and other ways to relieve our pain and hurt," said Torres, "and we have to accept whatever is given and appreciate those who have given."

A new formula for how money will be dispersed to victims like Torres will be released on August 11.

"They're professionals. They've been doing this with other mass tragedies, and I'm putting trust in them," he said.

Meanwhile, Torres said he is slowly getting back to work but is grateful to the community for coming together.

"I want to thank everyone for their support."