Barbara Bush laid to rest, remembered as a gracious woman who touched hearts of many

Following the service, a funeral procession brought Barbara Bush's casket to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum near the Texas A&M University in College Station.

A private service was held earlier Saturday afternoon.

The former first lady was buried in a family plot beside her daughter, Robin, who died of leukemia at the age of three in 1953. Hundreds of people gathered on Saturday not only to mourn Former First Lady Barbara Bush but to remember her legacy.

On lookers lined the stretch of George Bush Drive to get a glimpse of the motorcade carrying the former first lady's casket. Many came out to pay their final respects.

"She was a wonderful lady she will be missed," said Grizelda Martinez.

American flags were held in honor of the memorable woman who played a significant role during her husband George W. Bush's Presidency. "She lived a long life she was a great woman she impacted a lot of people you see it day to day," said Keefer Patterson.

Grizelda Martinez made sure to bring family out to witness a part of history and to honor the woman she so admired.  A woman she said she was the heart of the 'Greatest Generation.'

"To see the older generations how they stay together no matter what hard times bad times, separations through war. She is the epitome of all of that and I respect that of her," said Martinez. "It's going to hit hard but I'm pretty strong I'm just happy she is going to be here. She's lived a long legacy so happy tears not sad tears."

Stories were shared amongst the crowd about the Former First Lady's lifelong commitment to literacy issues in the U.S. "How many times can you watch a procession of a Former First Lady who impacted so many lives?  She was such a great role model for everybody. Just as a classy lady who really cared about literacy being a great public servant" said Keri Weinnman, a student at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Along with her political attributions. Many ladies in the crowd dawned pearl necklaces and spoke about the former first ladies quick-witted humor and her trademark faux pearls.

"Very graceful I also love pearls and my mother and grandmother wore pearls and it's important for my girls to see that," said Martinez.

Students who attend Texas A&M University remember how she would frequent the school's campus, memories they said they would cherish. "It's a big deal when she comes on campus with her little dog she would always walk around the pound," said Weinnman.