Beloved school bus driver surprised with Super Bowl tickets

Gary Kelmer, a school bus driver and Philadelphia Eagles superfan was surprised by students and parents with tickets to the Super Bowl. Amy Smith, the mother of two of Gary’s daily passengers decided to do something special for the man kids call Mr. Gary, so she put together a GoFundMe page to raise enough money for airfare and game tickets to send Kelmer and his wife to the Super Bowl.

Gary Kelmer has been a school bus driver in New Jersey for 27 years, and he’s been a fan of the Eagles for his entire life. Smith said that both students and parents love Kelmer and his dedication to the job and wanted to say thank you with something special. Over 100 people donated to the effort, and they raised the $5,000 they needed in just five days.

“I was so surprised and overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe it.” Smith said. “The donations rolled in day after day.”

Smith and more than 50 students surprised Kelmer at the last stop and left him nearly speechless. “Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!” was all he could say at first.

After he was able to catch his breath, Mr. Gary said, “I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. Never. I’m blessed in so many ways.”