Bevo XIV to miss OU/Texas game

It appears the search for a new Bevo may soon begin. The current Bevo has a life-threatening condition that will keep him from traveling with the team to Dallas this weekend.

In 2004, Bevo XIV took over as mascot for UT. He was two years old at the time and seemed to be a lucky charm for the horns.

"The game he was presented at, we won 21-7. We were tied at 7-7 at halftime. They brought out Bevo at halftime and we won 21-7," said Texas Exes Spokesperson Tim Taliaferro.

Bevo XIV would go onto see a national championship victory that very next year.

Texas Exes Spokesperson Tim Taliaferro is the current editor of the UT alumni magazine, The Alcalde. One of his predecessors gave the original steer its name.

"The first record of him being called Bevo was in the December 1916 Alcalde where the editor says 'his name is Bevo. Long may he reign,'" said Taliaferro.

Photos of the first Bevo and those thereafter are on display at a museum at the stadium.

The current Bevo resides on a ranch in Liberty Hill. He weighs 2,100 pounds.

Bevo 14 has appeared in two national championship games as well as the Rose Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Holiday Bowl and the Texas Bowl.

He's met movie stars like Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Bell and Adam Sandler. He will soon make his big screen debut with the release of "My All-American" based on longhorn legend Freddie Steinmark.

"He is without question the symbol of the university; the symbol of athletics for the university. If Bevo's not at the game, it's not going to feel like a real game."

The University of Texas Silver Spurs Alumni Association announced Wednesday Bevo will not be in Dallas for the OU Texas game.

According to a member of the alumni association, Bevo seemed to be the picture of health and then in a matter of days he displayed signs of lethargy. After testing was done, it was determined he could no longer travel.

Longhorn fans will have to make up for his absence.

"It really stinks you know, our season has been tough as it is. Without our mascot there it's definitely going to be rough, but you know hopefully the guys will pull it together and win one for Bevo," said student Mike Harrison.

A replacement, we're told, could be found in as little as several weeks. A new Bevo, if needed, could be in place by the first of the year.