Beware of sophisticated ATM 'jackpotting' attack, warns Secret Service

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(Fox News) -- Criminals are using technology to target ATMs in a sophisticated ‘jackpotting’ attack, warns the Secret Service.

The Secret Service has warned financial institutions about the attack, which forces ATMs to dispense large quantities of cash. Criminals install malicious hardware or software, or a combination of both, to take control of an ATM in a jackpotting attack.

Thieves have identified vulnerabilities in financial institutions that operate ATMs, according to the Secret Service. Standalone ATMs in the likes of pharmacies and big box retailers are particularly at risk, it says, as are drive thru ATMS.

“The Secret Service recently obtained credible information about planned jackpotting attacks in the U.S. through partners of our Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF),” it said, in its statement. “Subsequently, we alerted other law enforcement partners and financial institutions who could potentially be impacted by this crime.”

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