Birth certificate battle

How do you go through life without a birth certificate?

One Texan is finding out.

Not filing for one after a birth is illegal, but there's no penalty.

"I was born at home and was home schooled I've never been to a hospital," says Faith Pennington.

Pennington might be real but without a birth certificate she can't prove it

"I have no records of my existence," she said.

When she decided to venture out on her own, she couldn't do the things that would seem normal to us

"It's been a huge impact on me. It's handicapped me from getting anywhere as an adult

Six of Faith's other siblings don't have birth certificates.

In early February, the 19-year-old posted a YouTube video. Since it's been posted, it has been viewed by almost one and a half million times.

Pennington, who was born in Harris County tried getting a delayed birth certificate but couldn't because she was missing critical information.

"It has taken hours and hours. Thousands of hours of work trying to get documentation that's just not in existence," says her grandmother, Lee Southworth.

"One of the problems is that even some people who have gotten this delayed birth certificate can't get a social security number or passport because the government won't accept the proof behind the order from the court," explained Bill Morris, Pennington's attorney.

Her video campaign has drawn international attention. Legislators in Texas are taking notice too.

Pennington and her grandmother took their fight to the State Capitol

A plan proposed by Georgetown Representative Marsha Farney and Houston Representative Senfronia Thompson aims to not only make it easier for people like faith to prove they exist but also hold the ones who don't file accountable.

The bill was left in the committee as there are a couple of changes that will be made to it.

As far as Faith Pennington's legal fight goes, they still have several hurdles to cross in the courts before she can get her birth certificate.