Black Friday shopping safety tips

When you go Black Friday shopping, keep your safety in mind. 

"Hide your things. Lock your car, and take your keys," Sgt. William Beck with Austin Police said. 

Don't leave your car unattended, even if it's for a short period of time.

If you get a new TV, for example, don't leave the box as trash outside your house.

"That would be an advertisement that you have a new TV," Beck said. "Try to break down the boxes from your gifts and place them in a closed recycling container."

Write down serial numbers for anything new, so if it's stolen, it can be easier to track.

When you leave your house, lock your windows and doors, so people can't see what you have inside.

Beware of holiday scams, too, texts that say to update your shipping information could be a phishing scam.

"I wouldn't answer unsolicited texts unless you know for a fact that somebody is -  unless you're expecting a package from them. And then I'd go from their website, not just from your phone," Beck said.

Ultimately, he says no deal is worth jeopardizing your safety.

"Be patient and be kind to each other. Don't try to run over somebody to get that Black Friday item. The discounts are nice, but they're not worth your life or injury," he said.

If you see anyone suspicious around your car or neighborhood, call 911.