Black Lives Matter holds vigil at Travis County courthouse

Community leaders and activists remembered Rachel Jackson at a vigil at the Travis County courthouse on Thursday. Several others who died inside of correctional facilities in Travis County and across the nation were also honored and remembered at the vigil. 

Jackson, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, died on her sixth day in jail in 2008.

This event was planned days ago and was specifically chosen for to commemorate Jackson's death eight years ago. However, another event has turned this vigil into something more. Organizers also took time to react to the newly released APD dash cam footage of a black woman being arrested during a traffic stop in June 2015. 

"If someone saw this video a year ago and no one thought there was an issue, no one thought anything these men did and said was something that shouldn't have been said, for me, there needs to be a change of culture, there needs to be more oversight," said Fatima Mann from the Austin Justice Coalition. 

Earlier today, another peacefull rally was held here in Austin. The "Wake Up Austin, End Police Violence" rally marched from Victory Grill in East Austin to the front steps of the police department to continue the conversation about how police can improve race relations.