Boyfriend Adam Solis arrested in the Cedar Park shooting death of Katie Eager

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Cedar Park Police have made an arrest in that town's first murder of the year. The body of a woman was found in her apartment Tuesday and by Thursday her boyfriend was in jail charged with her murder.

From the beginning, investigators said the murder that took place at the Lodge at Lakeline Village apartments was not a random act. Thursday morning Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix confirmed that theory.

"I'd call it a rage killing, there was passion involved in this murder."

According to Mannix, 24 year old Katie Eager got into a confrontation Monday night with her live-in boyfriend Adam Richard Solis.

"What we do know is there was a heated argument, I don't know the details of exactly of what they were arguing about but there are witnesses to the fact that they were arguing," said Mannix.

The arguing abruptly ended with at least five shots being fired. Investigators say they know what type of gun was used -- but they have not yet recovered the murder weapon.

Katie's body would not be discovered until a 911 call was made Tuesday afternoon. The call was made by Solis and according to investigators it was part of an attempted cover up. Solis had allegedly fled to his parent's home in San Antonio while there, its believed, he posted a statement on his Facebook page:

Chief Mannix said his detectives almost immediately viewed the post with skepticism.

"I think common sense would lead almost anyone to see through that."

Solis was arrested at his parent's home in San Antonio. Mannix did echo what Solis wrote regarding the neighbors. He's somewhat dismayed that no one at the apartment complex Monday night called police after multi gunshots had been fired.

Solis has a criminal record, but nothing major, only charges for drug possession and disorderly conduct in Bexar County about 10 years ago.