Bridge washed away 2 years ago replaced

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday for a new bridge over the Blanco river. It replaces the old Post Road bridge between Kyle and San Marcos that was swept away two years ago by floodwaters racing down the Blanco river.

The barricades are coming down on Post Road between Kyle and San Marcos. A ribbon cutting ceremony for a new bridge over the Blanco River Wednesday made it official. The $900,000 project finished a month ahead of schedule and on budget.

“I would like to say surprise but we have had very good luck working with text.and coordinating with contractors and the Hays County Transportation Department everybody does her job well in most cases that provide you an opportunity in terms of time and cost,” said Hays Co Commissioner Ray Whisenant. 

Design engineers decided not to elevate the structure over the river because of a nearby railroad bridge. Going low puts the bridge at risk of being flooded over when storm waters pour into the river.
district engineer Terry McCoy says they took that into consideration when designing it.

“It is designed right it is built right built to last. Even though it didn’t go high, why not go high? It is designed to withstand any flood comes through this bridge will not wash away,” said McCoy who said he would stand by that statement. 

Before the new bridge was built - Post Rd was kept open by creating a one lane crossing. It was done with flatbed railroad cars that were hauled  in and placed across the river. They were removed and the road closed back in July so construction crews could finish the replacement job. The temporary crossing wasn’t just innovative it was a necessity. It bought TxDOT time in order to focus on the more pressing need upstream.

The storm surge two years ago knocked down the Fischer Store Rd. bridge.  That cut off a major route west of Wimberley- forcing those who used the road to make a 50 mile detour. A new bridge is standing tall over the Blanco River.  The $1.5 million dollar replacement was fast tracked allowing Fischer Store Rd to reopened in February of 2016.

“We celebrate that bridge like we celebrate this one,” said McCoy.

What will take longer to replace are all the trees that were torn from the river bank. To help the regrowth - during the ceremony on Post Rd - Oak saplings were handed out. A larger tree was  also dedicated and planted at a nearby park.