Bronx woman turns 107, credits single life to longevity

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Louise Signore of the Bronx turned 107 with more than 100 family and friends gathered to celebrate her long life.

On Wednesday, the Harlem native who moved to the Bronx was feted at the JASA Co-op City Senior Center with live music, dancing and a colorful birthday cake.

While a healthy diet, regular exercise and many friendships have kept her engaged in life, Signore- who doesn't use a cane or wheelchair- said it's what she doesn't have that's been key: a husband.

Over the years she's credited not getting married as the secret to her longevity.

“Ms. Signore frequently tells others at the center that remaining single is what has helped her live a long life,” said Ann Moncrieffe, Program Director at JASA Bartow Senior Center. “She has even recommended that to her friends. She also says that you should go to bed at the same time every night and eat Italian food. Those are her tips for aging well.”

She added that Signore enjoys spending time at JASA, especially on days when her favorite meals are served.


Just last month, another New Yorker, Alelia Murphy of Harlem, turned 114, making her the oldest living woman in the United States.

Murphy raised two children by herself after her husband died at an early age.