Brother of 6th Street shooting victim says his sister was visiting fiance's family in Austin

The brother of woman shot Sunday morning said he never thought it would be his sister that was the victim of random violence. “The violence needs to stop, every day you look on Facebook, you look on the news, it's everyday something tragic is happening, something has to stop, something has to give,” said Richard Moultrie who confirmed to Fox 7 his sister was the victim of the deadly shooting on 6th Street. “Everyone is devastated. We never thought that this would happen to her, she's the sweetest girl, she would never do anything to anyone,” he said.

Richard said his sister 30-year-old Teqnika Moultrie from the Bay Area, California was in Austin visiting her fiancé’s family. The couple early Sunday morning was picking up doughnuts on 6th Street. APD said a gunman randomly started shooting into the crowds of people. Teqnika and her fiancé were in the middle of that chaos. Teqnika was shot and killed, her finance, who she was set to wed in fall, was by her side. “She's taking it really really hard and she's devastated like we all are. People these days to just take it in their own hands in just decide that they are going to end someone’s, life, it's not their position to do that.”

Richard said he was close with his sister and talked to her many times a week. Those phone calls he said he will desperately miss. “I don’t know how it's going to be moving forward, she was the younger sister, but I looked up to her. I was so proud of her for all the accomplishments that she achieved in her short life,” he said.

APDs aid Sunday evening that 24-year-old Endicott McCray is a person of interest in the case, and they are now looking for him.

Richard said he has a message for the person responsible for taking his sisters life. “He's destroyed his own life, he's destroyed my sister's life, and he’s destroyed our life. He needs to pay for what he's done,” he said.

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