Caldwell County deputy recovering after being shot

Texas Rangers closed off the area where the shooting took place for most of the day.

Residents like Joe De la Cruz say it all began a little after 1:00 Friday morning.

“I heard four gunshots which is normally you hear gunshots sometimes later than that, I didn’t pay any attention, so so I stayed in bed. What woke me up, the officers lights, so I got up and looked out the window and maybe six cars, where your vehicles are, and I saw them going into the property," said De la Cruz.

Investigators, in a news release, said a Caldwell County Deputy, who had not been identified, was call to a home on Hidden Oak Road to talk to a man who claimed he was robbed. Sources tell Fox7 the deputy was told to speak with neighbors next door, and while making contact with the man and woman inside, is when he was shot several times . The deputy was wearing a body FOX7 was told a malfunction has made it difficult to retrieve the video of the shooting. It also appears that the deputy was out of range of his dash cam system.

Flowers have been sent to sheriffs office along with phone calls from residents expressing their concern for the wounded deputy. At Grumpy's Burgers , a collection jar was put up to help with help pay for medical expenses. Resturant Co-owner- Stephanie Cowan says the deputies are more than regular customers, they're like family.

"Its us giving back, us giving trying to give back they way people give to us, its really hard and if we can do anything, anything helps," said Cowan.

The couple at the house where the shooting took place was taken into custody. Residents say the woman works for a delivery company and is a retired law-enforcement officer.