Campus Carry in effect at Texas State University

The new campus carry law has brought a lot of controversy to the University of Texas. But, travel 30 minutes south to Texas State University, and there is a much different feel about the law that allows licensed holders to carry guns on campus.

Gun-free-zone signs now hang in buildings throughout the Texas State University campus as the new campus carry law is now in effect.

Those with a license to carry will be able to bring guns into the classroom and residence halls among other places.

Unlike the University of Texas, where the law met much opposition even prompting some faculty to resign, it seems compliance went over more smoothly in San Marcos.

Campus spokesperson Matt Flores attributes that to a number of public forums.

"We were very transparent in our process. We involved a lot of people and we had a very reasonable discourse from all sides,” said Flores.

Flores estimates less than one percent of students have their license to carry and will take advantage of their new privileges.

Students seem to feel the law will make the campus safer.

"I think it will be a good thing as long as people are responsible and know how to use them. I know for the future I will be getting my concealed carry license,” said student Sam Ritchie.

"I do feel safe knowing the person next to me is carrying a gun to keep all of us safe. He's not going to just going to protect himself. He's going to do the honorable thing and protect everyone in the classroom,” said student Wesley Edosomwan.

"I think it's very black and white. Either someone is there to help or someone isn't and that can result in saved lives,” said student Nelson Smith.

Guns aren't allowed everywhere. The university has designated certain areas as gun free zones. Those include buildings where health services are provided, during athletic events, child care facilities, and where disciplinary meetings may take place or governmental proceedings.

Should guns wind up in the wrong place or should students notice a gun at all-- campus authorities want to hear from them.

"Remember this is a campus carry legislation that means concealed weapons area allowed. Not open carry,” said Flores. “We are encouraging members of our campus to call our police if that's the case and let them investigate."

Texas State has a survey on its website. Campus officials want faculty and students to weigh in on the gun issue as the school year begins. Officials may alter their policy, should concerns arise.