CapMetro surprises riders on bus with year-long free passes

CapMetro is celebrating a big milestone in a big way! The public transportation provider surprised riders on a bus with year-long free CapMetro passes to celebrate reaching one billion riders this week.

The Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, commonly referred to as Capital Metro, surprised all the riders on a bus traveling westbound Route 333 William Cannon on Wednesday morning. "This was just a random pick of a route, we were able to go on the bus and surprise folks with year-long free transit passes," Mayor Pro Tem Delia Garza explained. "It's a pretty big value. That's one less expense that they have to worry about while they are trying to work hard to support their families."

(FOX 7 Austin)

"It's really important that we reach out to our community, that we encourage people to use public transit," said Jeffrey Travillion, a board member with CapMetro. "We want to make sure that we are serving those who are riding the bus every day and to recognize them. It felt really good."

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CapMetro is Austin's regional public transportation provider and has been around since 1985.