Cargo containing gold worth nearly $15M stolen from Toronto airport

Peel Police Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn briefed the media on the theft at Pearson International Airport, which is estimated at $20 million in Canadian currency, on April 20, 2023. (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

A cargo container with gold and other items worth over $20 million Canadian (US$14.8 million) was stolen from Toronto’s Pearson International airport, authorities said Thursday.

Peel Regional Police Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn said a "high value" container was taken from a holding area facility after being unloaded from a plane Monday evening.

"As per normal procedure, the aircraft was unloaded and cargo was transported from the aircraft to a holding cargo facility," he said. "The container contained a high value shipment. It did contain gold, but it was not exclusive to gold. It contained other items of monetary value."

The missing goods were reported to police a short time after.

Police declined to provide more details.

"We’re three days in, so our investigators have their eyes open to all avenues," Duivesteyn said.

No arrests have been made.

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