Cat returns home after two week journey to Atlanta airport

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A Locust Grove family is celebrating the safe return of a pet cat, two weeks after the animal disappeared.

The cat named Henry somehow made its way to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport, without its' owners realizing what had happened. Tiffaney Shurbutt believes Henry somehow got into the engine compartment of her husband's car when he headed to the airport a couple of weeks ago.

Shurbutt said she thinks the cat roamed around the parking deck at the airport until last Friday, when he got into a car owned by Natalia Breslauer of Tucker.  "I opened my back door to put my purse in, and he hopped right in my car," Breslauer said.

Breslauer took Henry to the vet to be checked out. That's when the vet found a microchip and was able to track down the Shurbutt family. They were shocked to learn what had happened with their cat. "Two weeks and a day he was gone, and I had just given up," Tiffany Shurbutt said.

Shurbutt said after Henry's return that she would make sure all of her animals are microchipped from now on.