Caught on Camera: Burglars strike two Mexican restaurants in Williamson County

Burglars rummaged through El Mexicano Grille's office, ripping the security box off the wall and carrying what they could out the door. The burglary struck the family owned business in Jarrell overnight Tuesday. 

The office surveillance camera caught the guys every move. They can be seen breaking in through the back door, lurking through the kitchen before making their way to the office.

Laura Ramirez has worked at El Mexicano for 10-years and there’s never been a break-in. Jarrell is home for Ramirez and the restaurant is part of the community. The burglars didn’t just steal money, they stole the staff’s sense of security. 

“It’s hard because we’ve worked here for so many years and it's just not right," Ramirez said. “He didn’t take a lot of money but it’s the fact that we don’t feel safe here anymore.”

El Mexicano posted pictures of the video online hoping someone might recognize them. Eli Aviles the general manager at La Margarita in Round Rock did. Aviles said one of the suspects depicted matched the same one who broke into La Margarita. 

La Margarita's surveillance video shows a slender, light skin man, with a bald spot, carrying a backpack. Avilés said the burglar broke in while one of his workers was in the kitchen setting up a big order for the day.

“It just makes you feel unsafe you know you obviously want to be careful, notify the employees what to do what not to do,” Aviles said.

Both restaurants have increased security measures and hope whether it’s the same suspect or not the men responsible are behind bars. Because both incidents are in the early stages of their investigation neither Round Rock PD nor the Williamson County Sheriff's Office can confirm whether the two are related.

If you have any information regarding either case you are asked to contact local law enforcement.