Caught on camera: Handcuffed man tries to outrun Austin police

A handcuffed man ran away from Austin police on E. 6th street right outside the Blind Pig Pub on Wednesday afternoon and a witness got the whole thing on camera.

"Never seen anything like it," said Michael Bernay who was working the door at Blind Pig Pub during the altercation.

Officers said they were flagged down to break up a fight outside the bar, but even with four cops and three suspects one person made a run for it.

"I was standing right outside the door and then I just saw two guys fighting and, you know, that's pretty common around here, but these two guys started fighting, having some friction, and then the cops just pounced on them," said Bernay.

As officers worked to break up the fight, they said a third man jumped in and tried to stop the cops. Police used a tazer to subdue him.

"The guy that got tazed, he took two cops to get taken down. So one of the cops, who was on the guy getting handcuffed, he had to occupy the other guy getting tazed. So while that was happening, the guy got up and straight up ran down the street," said Bernay.

The man who ran from police was handcuffed at the time. He didn't make it very far.

"I'd say the guy getting up and running that was pretty creative, but not the smartest idea," said Bernay.

Police said the man who ran was taken into custody and charged with evading, the other man who was fighting was charged with disorderly conduct and the third suspect was arrested for interfering with police duties and resisting arrest.