Cave experts expected to remain in Williamson County for a week

Cave experts returned for a second time to see what’s inside the underground cave discovered Thursday morning. From the outside Brushy Creek neighbors could see a large hole but inside is a 22 ft tall, 45 ft wide and 170 ft long extending under possibly three homes.

Williamson County Public Information Office Connie Odom said there are more than 700 caves in the area and believe this one may have been disturbed when utility lines were placed in years ago.

“Brushy Creek MUD actually monitors 40 caves that are in the area this one did not have an opening that we knew about anyway," Odom said. "Our environmental folks when they came out didn't have a concern but certainly that's everyone's individual choice and we are going to be meeting with homeowners individually to make sure that we keep them on the information that we have."

Michelle Mitchelle’s home is one of the three homes the cave stretches under she said her family doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon,

"Our house was built in '95 and I’m fine with it I’m not worried about it." "I’m just hoping its stable and they'll let us look in there,” Mitchell said.

Williamson County says their initial findings don't indicate the homeowners should be worried but they won't know for sure until their structural engineers take a look at it on Monday.