Cave in Williamson County sinks further

Many residents from the Brushy Creek neighborhood are wondering when Cambria Drive will be back open. The area has been closed since early February when a cave was discovered. 

Williamson County Engineer Terron Everetson said the top of the cave has dropped 6 to 8 inches since they first discovered it. He also says it will take 6 to 7 weeks to fix everything. 

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality anticipates there may be endangered species of some sort. Everetson says if they find any it will take a whole different path. That’s why Williamson County has been working with Fish and Wildlife as well. 

“We wanted to stop work make sure it was safe inside the cave and take care of that. It’s an impact on the schedule but not necessarily a setback,” Everetson says. 

More to the barricades will be added on Friday. Beginning next week they plan to fix the middle section and the cover the newly sunken portion of the cave.