CDC: 12 cases of Salmonella linked to live poultry in Texas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is looking into outbreaks of Salmonella infections that are linked to contact with live poultry, specifically in backyard flocks.

372 people have been infected as of May 25, 2017 throughout the country. 12 of those have occurred in Texas, according to the CDC. 

The CDC says 71 people have been hospitalized because of the outbreaks, but there have been no reported deaths. 36 percent of the cases are with children younger than 5.

Outbreaks associated with live poultry have reportedly increased as more people have backyard flocks in recent years.  

The CDC recommends to always wash your hands after handling live poultry, not letting poultry in living areas and to not "snuggle or kiss the birds." For more tips go here