Celebration of life for RRPD Officer Charles Whites

Light rain fell as the procession escorting the body of officer Charles Whites and his family arrived at Shoreline Church. The ceremony inside the sanctuary Wednesday morning was described as a celebration of life. Whites wore the badge for nearly 2 decades, working regular beat patrols as well as a training officer and a swat team negotiator.

"Charles had a way of connecting with people, he had a knack for making an angry person calm or a sad person happy,” said Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks.

Along with Chief Banks; friends, family and coworkers spoke about Whites passion and desire to serve.

"Watchdogs have always heard the calling for service, and I believe Charles was one of those watchdogs,” said Officer Chris Wilson.

"Charles may be gone from this earth, but his spirit lives with each of us. I ask each and every one of you to emulate his passion,” said Officer Lynn Carmichael.

Officer Whites was hit by a car February 25th - he was directing traffic around a fatal wreck on I-35. Whites reportedly fought for two months in the hospital trying to recover from the severe trauma - but he passed away April 27th. 

The driver of the car, who allegedly hit Officer Whites, is charged with intoxication assault.  It was revealed, during the ceremony, Whites didn’t have to be at the scene, that day. His shift was already over- but Chaplain Jerry Lyle say Whites wanted to help the other first responders.

"That’s the kind of guy I knew, that’s the kind of guy I want coming towards me if I’m in trouble,” said Lyle.

Whites' flag-draped casket was brought out for an assembly - where a riderless horse was lead through the courtyard. This salute was followed by a final radio call. The farewell ended with white's family passing through a sea of flashing blue lights - a private interment is to be held later.