Charlotte man stuck on island decimated by Hurricane Irma

It started as a perfect Labor Day adventure for Justin Jones and his girlfriend Sabrina but now, it's like a scene out of the walking dead after Hurricane Irma decimated the island of Saint Martin.

"The pressure exploded the windows. The sliding glass door, ceiling started to bow, they had to move the bathroom and it started flooding and they had to move elsewhere and they had to survive it," Zena Jones said after she spoke with her son Tuesday night.

Justin survived the Hurricane but now has another problem.

"He’s stuck on the French side in a hotel, or what is left in a hotel near the coastline," Raegan Jones, Justin’s sister, said.

He’s now with no power, no running water and no way out.

His mother, Zena, and sister, Raegan, are calling everyone from the State Department, The French Consulate and even Charlotte Representatives to get him and other Americans stuck on the island out.

"It's just been a wait and see and I guess that's the frustration and having the expectation that something is going to happen and it doesn’t," Zena said.

Conditions continue to worsen on the island.

"My brother has said he has seen it. People are taking things from tourist and what not," Raegan said.

Dutch officials also confirming the claims.

"The Dutch military assists the local police in preventing looting and indeed that seems to have occurred, which is tragic and needs to be obviously stopped," Dutch Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk said.

The family now even more desperate for an American response because communication with Justin is becoming more limited and the feel they are running out of time.

"As the days go on, how long can they stay in the same place? Does it become more dangerous?" Raegan asked.

"We don't want them to have survived this horrendous storm and either get sick or bodily harm," Zena said

The French and Dutch military are working on getting those in critical condition to safety first and then help the others on the island. No time frame on when they plan on getting people out has been given.