Chicago cop won't be fired for 'Mike Brown deserved it' comment

CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago's police superintendent says an officer who made racially charged remarks in a video that included the taunt Michael Brown "deserved it" won't be fired.

The killing of the unarmed Brown by a white officer in Ferguson, Missouri sparked protests, the "Black Lives Matter" movement and a national debate over police treatment of minorities.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Friday the unidentified white Chicago police officer will lose about a week's vacation and undergo retraining.

McCarthy told WLS-AM the officer is "sick to his stomach" about his failure to "maintain his composure and his professionalism."

During an apparent argument, the unidentified man shooting the video mentions Brown's name and says he doesn't trust police. The officer, after responding he doesn't care he's being recorded, says Brown "got what he had coming."