Child hurt in car-bike accident in East Austin

A little girl is in the hospital after being struck by a car. Witnesses say a woman was driving along Ledesma St. in East Austin, when the girl was coming down Mason and collided with the car.

Neighbors say this is not the first time this has happened. A memorial sits on the intersection where a child died a few years ago.

Bystanders say cars fly through the area and they are hoping to convince the city to install speed bumps.

FOX 7 was told the driver of the car did not appear to be speeding and that she seemed very concerned and got out to check on the girl. Witnesses say watching it all unfold before their eyes was devastating.

"I saw a car coming, and she just flew past the stop sign, and the car hit her," said Steven Bracken.

"I saw the bicycle going through the air, and it was really close to that post," said Salvador Gonzalez.

The little girl's identity has not been released but FOX 7 has learned that she is under the age of 10. She was taken to Dell Childrens' Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.