Chimene Onyeri admits to shooting Judge Julie Kocurek in court

Travis County Judge Julie Kocurek took the stand Thursday morning at 9:00. She recalled the days leading up to an attempt on her life in November 2015.  

A mysterious jogger, not wearing workout clothes...staring at her.  

Strange phone calls from Houston. And November 6, Kocurek described as a normal day...her sister was visiting and they had been to a football game at House Park. 

Kocurek’s teenaged son drove on the way home. Her sister and nephew were in the car too. 

The judge testified when she pulled into her driveway there was a bag blocking their security gate. Her son thought it was a prank.

When he got out to move the bag, Judge Kocurek described a blast that quote "seemed like forever."

Thinking she was going to be murdered in front of her son, she ducked down and yelled "he got me, he got me!”  Kocurek saw the lights of a sedan.  

She said 'if I live I’ve got to remember what this looks like.”

Kocurek told the court she collapsed onto her front porch, blood on the steps.  

Wondering if her family was the next target.  Her sister told her "you are quitting that job."

As Kocurek waited for help to arrive she knew the attempt on her life was related to her job...she just couldn't think why anyone would be mad at her.

After Kocurek’s testimony, the defense called the man on trial...Chimene Onyeri...accused of running a criminal enterprise in Houston. It’s believed Judge Kocurek was going to revoke his bond on a case from Rollingwood and send him to jail when he and two associates plotted the ambush.

After 4 on Thursday afternoon in a very shocking development, Onyeri admitted to shooting Judge Kocurek while being questioned by his own attorneys.  He said he put that bag in front of the gate and he waited across the street and thought “she might be a nice person, I’m going to let it go.”

But he didn't let it go. Onyeri claims he didn't know the judge was in the car.  

The shots he fired were just meant to scare them.