Christopher Taylor trial: Medical examiner, responding paramedic testify on Day 4

Austin Police Officer Christopher Taylor was in court for the fourth day of witness testimony in his murder trial.

It was revealed Michael Ramos’s death was the result of three gunshot wounds sustained in a 2020 officer involved shooting. That information came from Travis County’s Chief Medical Examiner Keith Pinckard who testified to the jury Thursday.

Dr. Pinckard testified the autopsy revealed Ramos had three gunshot injuries: one to the head, one to the left abdomen, and one to the left forearm. He also mentioned cocaine, methenamine, marijuana, and other drugs were also found in his system. Ultimately, his death was ruled a homicide.

"His cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds," said Dr. Pinckard.

Dr. Pinckard clarified during the defense's cross-examination that ruling a death as a homicide does not mean murder.

Eduardo Eguia, a paramedic who responded to the scene in 2020, testified Thursday the most obvious injury to him was a gunshot wound to Ramos's head.

"The wound had exposed some skull and brain matter and those types of wounds are mortal," he said.

Jurors were provided with two additional angles from officers who responded to the scene on April 24th 2020. Those officers were Ofc. James Morgan and Ofc. Mitchell Pieper, who was the one to shoot a beanbag round at Ramos moments before the fatal shooting.

"It was a stressful situation. I can recall that much," said Ofc. Pieper.


The state showed Ofc. Pieper a digital recreation of the officer involved shooting he responded to. This footage was shown previously to the jury on day two of witness testimony.

During this, the state asked if any officers were in the pathway of Ramos when he tried to drive off. Based off the digital recreation, Ofc. Pieper responded with no.

APD Ofc. Steven Cardella also testified. He was called to the scene in 2020 tasked with riding in the ambulance with Ramos following the shooting.

Testimony picks up Friday morning at 9 a.m. The judge informed the jurors it will be an early release day because the trial is moving ahead of schedule.