Cicadas in Virginia, West Virginia to emerge this month after 17 years

Cicadas will emerge in Virginia and West Virginia this month after 17 years. (Photo courtesy Timbo Sims/Facebook)

The time has come! The periodical cicada batch, named Brood IX (9), will emerge in Virginia and West Virginia this month.

This year's batch last appeared in 2003.

According to researchers, periodical cicadas are unique in that "all (or nearly all) members of the population emerge in one year and then are absent in the intervening years."

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The cicadas typically begin to emerge from the soil between mid-May and late June after warm weather and rain.

Experts said the brood emerging this year includes all three 17-year species: Magicicada septendecim, Magicicada cassini and Magicicada septendecula.

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