City of Austin launches new heat awareness webpage

The City of Austin launched a new webpage for heat awareness Wednesday to mark Heatstroke Awareness Day.

According to the Austin Public Health Department, five people died in Austin and 490 heat-related illness emergency room visits were reported in Travis County last year.

The webpage will serve as a resource hub for heat safety information, including the signs of heat-related illnesses and identified public cooling centers.

According to safety officals, infants, children, older adults, people working outdoors, athletes and people with chronic medical conditions have a higher risk for heat-related illness, but it can happen to anyone. 

Some signs of heat-related illnesses include heat cramps in the stomach, arms or legs; heat exhaustion with heavy sweating, paleness, cramps, nausea or dizziness; and heatstroke where a person experiences a lack of sweating, red skin, a rapid pulse, dizziness, confusion, and unconsciousness.

The page also offers summer savings for water and energy bills and heat advisory announcements.

Some tips on how to beat the heat include drinking more water than usual and avoid beverages containing sugar, wearing lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, finding shade and wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen when outdoors, avoiding high-energy activities during the afternoon and ensuring children and pets are not left in vehicles.

To learn more about the public cooling centers, click here.