City of Kyle upgrades utility bill paying system

The City of Kyle is upgrading its utility bill paying system to allow customers more on-demand access to billing statements and usage.

The city says that customers' credit card information will not be transferred automatically due to security standards, so customers currently set up for autopay will need to register for an account and update with credit card information no later than May 12 to avoid a lapse in payment. 


Customers wanting to pay online, and access statements and usage information will also need to register for an account with the upgraded system. Customers that pay utility bills in person, by mail, or the drive-thru will not be affected by the billing system upgrade.

Customers should note that the City's improvements to the utility billing system will not affect their water meters, the City's water meter reading system, or how the water meters are read each month. Customers’ actual water usage will continue to be accurately recorded and billed each month, says the city. There will also be no change in the way that the statement or charge appears on bank statements.

How to create a login and set-up autopay with upgraded system:  

  • To create a login with the upgraded system, click here
  • Select "Register." Then select "Don’t have an account, Register"
  • Enter an email, password, name, and phone number and select "Register" 
  • You will then need to check the email you entered for an activation link. Open the email and select "Activate Account." 
  • Login with the email and password created upon registration
  • Select "Utility Billing" 
  • You will see the prompt "You do not have any Utility Billing accounts associated with your login" 
  • Select "Add Account." You will be asked for your utility billing account number and your last payment amount
  • Enter the info and select "Add Account" 
  • You will have the option to either "pay now," "schedule a payment" or "enroll in autopay" 
  • To setup autopay, choose "enroll in autopay." Select your payment date for each month. Make sure to choose a date that is before your expected due date to not incur late fees. Then select either "enter new Credit card" or "enter new eCheck" and select "Enroll Now." 

Customers can pay their monthly utility bill in the following ways:

  • In-person at Kyle City Hall Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
  • By telephone at 512-262-3960 during business hours
  • After hours night drop boxes located in the alley next to Kyle City Hall or near the VFW building on Front Street
  • By mailing payment to Utility Billing at 100 W. Center St., Kyle, TX 78640
  • Online through the upgraded system
  • Through an automatic bank draft. A form must first be completed and submitted with a voided check for this service
  • Through an online bill pay service offered at your personal banking institution
  • At H-E-B Plus Kyle at the Service Center and at the Kyle Walmart Service Center


The city of Kyle says its Utility Billing Department will also soon have an Interactive Voice Response phone system to assist customers with making payments over the phone at any time of day.  

For more information or questions regarding the Utility Billing system upgrade, customers can call 512- 262-3960 or email the Utility Billing Department