Cobb County man tests positive and negative for COVID-19 just hours apart

A Cobb County man says he tested positive and negative for the coronavirus just about four hours apart. 

Shaun Smith said he was tested positive for the Coronavirus at 8 am on Saturday at Piedmont Hospital. 

He said he decided to get a second test done just to make sure. He had tested negative for the virus just 10 days prior. 

The results of his second test on Saturday came back negative. 

"That blew my mind all the way up," Smith said. 

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Smith was scheduled to have surgery on Monday but now has to put it on hold. 

Smith said Piedmont won't retest him for 21 days. 

"Every three to four weeks I get really sick, start vomiting and I end up in the hospital. So now I have to wait three weeks to find out when I can get surgery again," Smith said. 

Smith said he's feeling some coronavirus symptoms now, so he believes the CVS test could be a false negative. 

Either way, he said this sheds light on how test results might be inaccurate.

"It's crazy to me that we have all of these tests that could be giving out false negatives or positives. And people don't even know and they're just running with it," Smith said. 

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Smith says he's tried taking his concerns not only to the hospital, but the state department of health and even the Governor's office. 

After days of calls, however, he said he's still not sure what he's supposed to do with this information. 

"These different groups that should know the information and should be giving me the information, they don't know and they're not giving me the information," Smith said. "Just keep us safe. The tests are not accurate. Make sure we can have accurate tests."

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Smith said if he does have the coronavirus, he likely got it within a 10 day period. 

He said he did nothing different during that time. He wore a mask, practicing social distancing, and only visited places that were absolutely necessary. 

He said this show just how easily this virus can spread and why people need to be careful. 

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