Coffee, bar, full legal CBD-THC dispensary in the Heights is one of a kind in America

Many customers say they’ve never seen a place like WILD anywhere in America. WILD is incorporating coffee, cocktails and a full legal CBD and THC dispensary under one roof. 

Their coffee and pastries can be infused with CBD and is a good place to start says food and beverage Director Kevin Dikdan to possibly get your toes wet in the CBD market.


WILD wants to make sure you have all the information you need about the products without being overwhelmed.

The CBD used by default in both their beverages and food is full spectrum, meaning it has primarily CBD. It may also contain THC at .3% or under, not enough to give you the traditional high feeling, but it could trigger positive drug test.

WILD, located at 2121 N. Shepard Drive in the Heights, also has a full bar and light bites. Alcoholic beverages can’t be infused with CBD, however their non-alcoholic elixirs can.

The Bud Bar may be the biggest WOW factor for Houstonian to see. They sell hemp derived cannabinoids. What is still prohibited in parts of America is the sale of cannabis or marijuana. Kevin explains that hemp is like a sister or cousin to that plant. He says they developed ways to extract a lot of really useful chemical compounds from the hemp plant that can emulate a lot of the effects found in typical cannabis.


It’s all locally grown in Houston. Kevin says, "all of it is fully legal, and we infuse all of it with a variety of cannabinoids for different effects. It gives them signature smell, signature differences, and also alters the effects a little bit."

When it comes to CBD, what has been outlawed in America is Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 and Delta 10 are two very slightly different chemical compounds, which allows them to be legal under the Federal Farm Bill passed in 2019. Both of them are not going to be quite as strong as traditional THC.

CBD is sold in many forms, but he says if you really want your money's worth, it’s best to pick up an oil tincture. The tincture is also best for insomnia. WILD has bud tenders on hand to help inform customers of the many options available when choosing CBD.

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